Mistery and Time

The edges of the canvases I leave unpainted hint at the photographic frame while at the same time giving a sense of incompleteness. Thus, my paintings aim to stress the individual’s relationship with the place and objects in public space; and to make an internalized critique of an unfinished modernization project with an air satirical.

Collective Marriage:

The fragmentation of time and the continuity of repetition are being stressed here. No matter how varied different lives may seem, their raison d’étre looses meaning to similarity. Where needs and dreams remain within the limits of what is already at hand, subjectivities melt into duties and acts of calculated benefits.

Marriage is the public face of secretive private lives. Since the “marriage ceremony” is the signifier, as well as the official consent of this phenomenon, I assumed that the collective marriage ceremony depicted in this painting –where the couples are most possibly already married- would fit into the concept of “Secret and Time”.

Gürsoytrak, H

Translated by Sibel Horada

Article written for the exhibition, Art from Turkey and Corea, October 2003